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The Pickett's work with the Basirma Refugee School to provide food and education to hundreds of kids every day who have been displaced by the wars in this region over the last several years. 

They also founded the Faith Frontiers Bible Project, which purchases Bibles and delivers them to neighboring areas in the Middle East, where people would not otherwise be able to acquire them.

The Picketts

Grady and Becky Pickett are missionaries in the region of Northern Iraq and have been doing ministry in Iraq for ten years. Their ministry includes Basirma Refugee School, two churches, and an outreach program ministering to refugees at the overcrowded refugee camps in Kurdistan, Iraq. The Picketts have an amazing ministry, and with your support, they will be able to make an even greater impact in a region which is so desperate for God to act in people's lives!

Picketts Mission

Mission Update

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